Friday, October 1, 2010

Sound of Silence

Text1 Samuel 4:1-11
It was an authentic victorious shout of Israelites which was banging the ear drum of every valiant shoulder who are armed themselves waiting for the war to commence to demonstrate their power; with great confidence the Israelites marched out to meet the Philistines, who were shattering in their boots, convinced to be wiped out by the God of Israel. Hearing on the presence of the ark of the covenant of the Lord in the war field, failed the nerves system of Philistines actually but it was actually injected stamina and stiffening energy to Philistines.  The Israelites had counted on their past experiences and assumed God was still with them. Their actions seemed genuine, but in reality they were clinging to shadows from the Past.

I.         Realized Realistic of the ark of the covenant of the LORD 1 Samuel 4:6-8
The Power of God was realized by the Philistines in the presence of the Ark of the Covenant before the victory but the absence of God was realized by Israelites after the tragic defeat “When did our God leave us?” Why couldn’t people realize it sooner?

Past victorious Christian walk with God does not help us in His absence in the present life. It was like rechargeable batteries no matter it is used or not but it should be charged regularly to be used in necessity. Israelites didn’t absorb the presence of God and they also didn’t know absence of God. You must listen the voice of God, every day if one day of silence, should alarm your attention.

                        II.            Presence of the covenant of the LORD in His Absence 1 Samuel 4:4-6,9,10
It was four thousand men of Israel died in the absence of the ark of the covenant of the Lord. In the presence of the ark of the covenant of the Lord, immediate next day 30,000 men of Israel died.

Nevertheless, Sin results in punishment without God as it was first day war but with His covenant it was horrible. Sin punishes you every day still on the day of Judgment even worst.    

What was the reason for their defeat? It was because of their self-centeredness. They forgot their God when they were at ease; they remembered Him only when they were in problem. You fell into the same trap when you forget that you were made for Him alone. Now you became in your mind a genie to fulfill your wish for a comfortable and successful life. Belonging to Him means that we must lay aside all our own plans, wishes, and ambitions and out of love and with joy to seek to fulfill His will instead.

III.         Clinging to Shadow is sound of silence 1 Samuel 4:11
The Ark of the covenant was taken away by the Philistine but The LORD moved away His presence while still it was in Shiloh, before it was brought to the war field.

Moses and Joshua had victory with the Ark of the Covenant it was not because they had the Ark of the Covenant but it was maintenance of their relationship with God who made covenant with them to be with them.   God’s covenant was not with the Ark but with Israelites that they forgot. The Bible is the word of God but it will fail us if we don’t have good relation with Him.

The cry of pain in the wound wasn’t sound, lose of life wasn’t sound, the victory of Philistines wasn’t sound but the absence of the Almighty and His silence was sound enough that reeled Israelites. Don’t talk or boast about the past experience in ministry but talk about the present. Not what you did but what you are doing. Not how many yours prayer life was but now how it is. Not how many chapters in the Bible you used to read every day in the past but how many chapters you are reading today.

Once there was genuine love and reality in your worship, giving, and service to the Lord, but over time it all turned into a well-rehearsed religious performance. Others may not realize what is going on with you but the Lord is looking at the inward dapperness of your heart, He sees an empty shell: the freshness of our walk with Him has disappeared.

A conscious decision to daily “humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord” (James 4:10) and to begin or continue to “seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God” (Colossians 3:1). Daily seek God’s approval in all areas of your life. If we practice this, restoration will take place, and His presence will remain with us.

Think, is God with you or left you? When was He left and Why? Mend your relationship, make sure He is with you.
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