Friday, October 1, 2010

The Church where God indwells

Text: Matthew 26:18; 16:18

“The Church building is not where we gather together collectively is so doing God presents himself, but we gather together where God is present”. Job 1:6; Matthew 18:20

“The Church building is an adorable shelter of the bridegroom, in which He accommodates his bride to have fellowship, to understand, and to know each other intimately.”

“The Church is our body, nevertheless these bodies should present themselves before God in His presence, to pray to worship, and to listen His word. Whereby, is His presence in the midst of two or three churches; Thereby His presence is in the church building as Jesus Christ blood permeate churches so should dwell in a building where God dwells.”

1.      The primary duty of inevitability of the church: - Matthew 22:37
Love the Lord: Just like marriage engaged couple would long to meet with each other, and will impatient till the wedding day.

2.     The resultant contractual requirement of the church: - Matthew 22:39
Love people: thinking of your selves to be the person in abject condition.

3.     The authenticate authority of the church:- Matthew 18: 18,19
Binding the devil

4.     The inexorable obligatory of the church: - Matthew 21:13 (Isaiah 56:7)
Pray for the one who led you to Christ Jesus and nurture you and for Israel.

5.     The indivisibility of unification of the church: - John 15:4, 6

6.      The Christ prayed for the formative life of the Church: - John 17: 11, 21-22
Oneness and unity:
Acts 1;14; 2:44, 46; 4:24 The word translated “agree” in verse19, is the Greek word sumphoneo, from which our English word “symphony” is derived. Jesus was referring in these verses to a unity among them even two of His children that would be like a musical symphony. This implies more than just saying “Amen” at the end of another’s prayer. Symphony implies a deep harmony of spirit between those who are praying together. When the fellowship of even a small group of Christians is like the symphony produced by a well-conducted orchestra.

7.      The irrevocable privileges of the Church: - John 16:23
Whatever you ask:
Church prayed for Peter, when Peter was locked up in Prison, all of Herod’s forces could not stand against the power of that early church on its knees before God (Acts 12:5-11). Satan’s kingdom was shaken to its foundation by that Church at it went for as one Body, registering the victory and authority of Christ in human lives all over the Roman Empire (see Acts 19:11-20 for one example of this).

8.     The mandatory servant lifestyle of the Church: - John 13:13-15

9.     The fait filled long anticipation of the church: - Matthew 24:42
Return of the Christ: Luke 18:18

10. The Christ Jesus promised throne for the Church: - Revelation 3:21
First she will be standing before Him on the Day of Judgment and will be with Jesus on His throne.

Today Satan ridicules the efforts of a disunited Churches trying to oust him from his strongholds by gimmicks, electronic gadgets, conferences, theological knowledge, eloquence and trained choirs. None of these are of any avail against Satan. T he Church needs to know again the reality of being one Body united under the Headship of Christ.

God bless you
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